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I Support MiloticScale! by IceXDragon Milotic Prism Scale stamp by goldnretriever


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DeviantArt Journal Skins

Showcase by MiloticScale Heart to Heart - deviantHEART by MiloticScale
Gift for MafiaVamp by MiloticScaleCommission for DustwaveStock by MiloticScale

:bulletgreen: I will code a CSS skin for your DeviantArt journal for personal use OR a CSS skin for your DeviantArt group's blog.
:bulletgreen: I will work with you on a design if you don't have one in mind. Excessively intricate designs will require extra compensation. :points:
:bulletblue: To order a skin, simply click the "Order Now" button below and include 500 :points: in your transfer.
:bulletred: After ordering, please send me a note (a shortcut below is provided) containing all the details you have about your skin.
:bulletblack: I will hold the payment until the skin is finished and satisfies your tastes.
:bulletblack: Once you're satisfied, I will deliver the skin via Install and fully process the points into my funds account.

Order Now - 500 :points: Send a Note with Details


Nov 25, 2015
1:33 pm
Nov 25, 2015
1:32 pm
Nov 23, 2015
7:26 pm
Nov 23, 2015
11:30 am
Nov 23, 2015
6:19 am

Welcome to #CritiqueStation,  the best room to get and give critiques on your art and others' too! You can also share your art using our bot! Read more about that in the sharing art section!

Before you participate in the chatroom, we ask that you read these rules and guidelines, which will help keep #CritiqueStation a calm, nice chatroom and ensure that everyone has a great time there. :)


#CritiqueStation abides by the "Unofficial Channel" rules listed here: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network? Deviants found to be infringing upon the rules listed there will be the subjects of immediate authoritative action.


The following rules are to be read and considered when in the #CritiqueStation chatroom. Failure to abide by these rules will result in authoritative action.

Spamming / Flooding

Spamming (advertising for commercial or personal purposes) and flooding (sending messages in succession quickly) are very easily able to disrupt the flow of the chat and are not allowed. Note that we also consider stretching the screen (sending a message with no line breaks causing the chat window to expand farther to the right) as flooding.


In order to preserve good chat flow and allow stable moderation, please only use English in #CritiqueStation.

Netspeak / Caps

Netspeak (shortening full words into almost-illegible script like "wbu", "liek", "dis", "u", "ur", etc.) is not acceptable in #CritiqueStation. Please type full words. The use of caps (all-capitol letters in a word) is also not acceptable. Using caps disrupts chat flow and can be rather annoying for some deviants.


We do not allow roleplay of any form in #CritiqueStation. This includes over-use of the /me command with other deviants in succession.


Please be mindful of the content you post within the chatroom. Some deviants may be very sensitive to certain words or images, especially flashing images (which may induce seizures).


Starting drama or bringing foreign drama into the chatroom is not acceptable under any circumstance.


Deviants with userscripts which allow them to place other deviants in the chat into an ignore list (causing the deviant to not see or receive messages sent from particular individuals) may not place chatroom moderators into their ignore lists. This would prohibit effective moderation for the offending deviant.


Users in the classes FirstClass, Critiquers, Asking, and Audience are bound to a strict idling limit of 1 hour. CritiqueBot will automatically kick deviants who have been idling for an hour. #CritiqueStation is for giving and receiving critique on artwork, not idling! :noes:

Sharing Art

CritiqueBot is able to get a deviant's art for him/her and post thumbnails of the art in the chatroom. To learn more about sharing your art in #CritiqueStation with CritiqueBot, click here.

Authoritative Actions

These are actions that moderators of the #CritiqueStation chatroom have the ability to take against unruly deviants. Note that there is not necessarily a hierarchy or order to these actions, but they will usually occur in succession as listed.


Warnings are written messages from a moderator to an offending deviant. The contents thereof will state the rule(s) broken and address the offending deviant personally. Warnings are optional to the moderator and will not always be given out.


When a deviant is kicked, he/she is forcibly removed from the chatroom by a moderator. The deviant who was kicked can return freely at his/her own will. It's a method of removal.


Being muted removes the ability of a deviant to send messages in the chatroom. The deviant will remain in the chatroom and read everything that is said, but cannot contribute to the flow of the chatroom. You can appeal mutes by sending a note to CritiqueStation stating which moderator muted you along with the date of the muting. Also provide a reason as to why you think you should be unmuted.


A banned deviant will not be able to enter the chatroom at all. You can appeal bans by sending a note to CritiqueStation stating which moderator banned you along with the date of the banning. Also provide a reason as to why you think you should be unbanned.

Meet the Team

The #CritiqueStation team is ready to help showcase your art and get valuable feedback to you from the willing participants of the community.


This is our bot, CritiqueBot. It sits atop the chatroom with the best view and has the ability to perform all authoritative actions, helps share deviants' art, keeps up with welcoming everyone, and upholds some of the rules.


The founders of #CritiqueStation, OneSerendipity and MiloticScale, are the Managers. They have the utmost authority in the chatroom and lead the moderators. Don't be shy or afraid to say hello! :)


These are the moderators of the chatroom. They're here to help you receive feedback on your art in a quick and meaningful manner. They have the ability to execute authoritative actions on offending deviants at will. They won't bite, though. Don't be afraid to say hello!

Deviant Classes

These are the privilege classes that a deviant may be in at any given time while in the #CritiqueStation chatroom.


Is it your birthday? If so, you will be placed in this class by CritiqueBot automatically when you join the chatroom. If it does not do this automatically, please tab a moderator so he/she can get you into this class!


Deviants who volunteer to provide constructive critiques will be placed in this class. This isn't a position; it's just to distinguish between deviants who are willing to give thoughtful critiques.


This class is for deviants who are asking to be critiqued at the time.


The general class for all deviants who are not part of other classes are put in Audience by default. CritiqueBot will move all new deviants here upon entry to the chatroom.


This class is meant to hold deviants who moderators deemed should not be able to send messages in the chatroom.


This class is meant to hold deviants who moderators deemed should not be able to enter the chatroom.


#CritiqueStation, its management, and its subsidiaries are not responsible for stolen art, content, or incidents caused by content. Management reserves the right to allow or deny anyone access to the group or chatroom for any reason, including those not listed in this journal by default. By entering the chatroom, each deviant agrees to abide by the rules listed here or sustain the consequences put forth by management and/or moderation.

Deviant ID!



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