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Devious Accents `25

Thu Oct 3, 2013, 2:58 PM by MiloticScale:iconmiloticscale:
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the artistic endeavors of a Senior? What makes them tick?

"Devious Accents" is a feature/interview series of Senior Members here on deviantART that aims to surface key features of each Senior and to show them to the community as a whole, brought to you by dAseniors--the official group for Senior Members on deviantART!

Finally, thoughts and sentiments from the Senior-side are revealed to the general community. Let's get started! :la:

Joining us this week will be jenepooh, a long-time deviant and former Volunteer!

MiloticScale: Why did you decide to make the leap and become a deviant?

jenepooh: That's a really good question and one I actually remember really well. :) I belonged to another group of awesome people who used to play TSO or The Sims Online over 10 years ago. Asilwen had mentioned that I should check deviantART out back in August of 2006, because it's a wonderful site and since I was into photography and artwork, I should definitely check it out. That and to check her work out, too...which I did. :) I realized how awesome it was and how nice the people were and jumped right in. :D By the way, she's come a really long way in her work and if you wouldn't mine, check her out, too. ;)

Black N White by jenepooh
Black N White

MiloticScale: Are there any major differences you see between the Senior side of the community and the community as a whole?

jenepooh: Ha...I'm glad this question is here. Absolutely. I'm not in the chats hardly but.. from what I gather and can see since I've been on more, is that communication is lacking in areas. I know that's on my part, too. I know that there were lots of Seniors around that would help out and such... etc. Now, they seem to be hard to find. Again though...that could just be me lol.. I am not sure how this could change...well, I always have ideas, but.. :shrugs: I really think we need to be more involved. I know there are contests and such, but there...just seems... like something's missing...

Shudder by jenepooh

MiloticScale: Choosing from your deviantART gallery, which is the deviation that you are most proud of?

jenepooh: Ever So Softly by jenepooh
This one...Ever So Softly... :tears: There's a reason as to the :tears: and why I picked this one. At the time this was taken, we had just laid my Great Aunt EG to rest. We were coming home from Kentucky and had to make a stop. I didn't feel like getting out so I stayed in the car while everyone else did what they needed to... Anyway, sitting there in the front, I had in my hand...some of her flowers from the service. I love flowers anyway...I had only had my camera and macro lens for a handful of months then and was still sort of...practicing. So, I steadied the flowers a certain way, put my lens on my camera and took a shot. It took a few different ones and the one that stood out more...was the one you see here. It was my first really good macro far as I was concerned. Made me realize just how much I loved photography and made my heart it does now as I'm typing this up...

I didn't mean for this to become a novel lol, just... this one I am most proud of and love.

Playful Omnomnomnoms by jenepooh
Playful Omnomnomnoms

MiloticScale: What contributions to the community are you most proud of since receiving Seniority?

jenepooh: Oh! This is a good one. After I became a Senior, I got the chance to Volunteer with the Galleries at the time... It was a short time though due to a move, but I hope one day I get to come back and do it again. It was a lot of fun! :D

Softly Pink by jenepooh
Softly Pink

MiloticScale: Lastly, is there anything that you'd like to promote to the readers of this issue?

jenepooh: Sure! :D Since I'm being more active now, come say hi and read the journal. I plan on bringing back contests here and there, among other things. :lol: Really though, check out, DelveMag because it will keep growing and if you're interested, join! And other groups I'm in and such are pretty neat...even need someone to take over one lol. Most of all though... do me a favor and go say hi to new deviants that start up and give them a piece of advice...preferably something that will help them here. Or go and find random work/deviants and compliment them! :heart:

Floral Necklace by jenepooh
Floral Necklace

A big thanks to jenepooh for taking the time to sit down with us and explain her sentiments on her deviantART experience from the Senior-side of the community! :clap:

Stay tuned to dAseniors to stay up-to-date with our Devious Accents features/interviews.
There are many more to come! :la:

Twenty fifth issue of Devious Accents featuring `jenepooh
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